How Can Compass Managed IT Help Me Become HIPAA Compliant?

Are you or a company you service working with confidential, identifying medical information? If so, you fall under Governmental HIPAA Compliance Mandates. It’s very important that you ensure that your networks are secure in the case of an audit.

94% of covered entities and 88% of business associates fail the Risk Management section of HIPAA audits. The cost of a HIPAA violation can range from $100-$25,000 per violation. Compass Managed IT can help your business meet HIPAA requirements and reduce the risk your business may face.

We have partnered with Compliancy Group to ensure the best HIPAA Compliance standards are met with all covered entities and business associates that we work with and we provide the following services and procedures to ensure your network’s security & compliance is not compromised:

6 Guided Audits

Our platform covers all of the required audits, simplifying the process for our clients. It has a HIPAA compliance seal of approval, which means that our service is guaranteed to meet each and every requirement you may need to become compliant.

Policy Procedures and Training

Tailored documents are provided to ensure your policies, procedures and employee training will meet HIPAA standards. This will allow you to be able to focus on getting your job done while also ensuring everything you do is protected.

Gap Identification & Remediation Planning

Once the gap is identified between where your company is and where it needs to be for your IT HIPAA compliance, we will help create a remediation plan designed to fill that gap. Once it is created, we will actively work with you to implement the plan while answering any and all questions you may have along the way.

Incident Management

Our platform will help you manage your incidents from a privacy point of view. It will give you the tools needed to track all of your obligations for notification, investigations, and remediation of the incident.

Business Associate Management

A core part of HIPAA is properly documenting the relationship in which PHI is shared between two or more entities. Our platform manages your vendors to create and maintain this documentation because at the end of the day, you are ultimately responsible for the security and confidentiality of any information that you share with a business associate.

Compliance Coach Support

You will get access to individual coaching on maintaining your HIPAA program where you can get tailored advice for your business depending on what issues you’re facing.

Cybersecurity Risk Reduction

Compass Managed IT provides an array of different tools that we use to ensure top-notch cyber-security. We will ensure the protection of your data and your network. This includes 24/7/365 network monitoring to halt and destroy any threat to your network.